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What are people like on chess.com?

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    What do people do on chess.com? Is there any purpose in what they're doing?

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    Well some people come here for online chess, maybe live, tactics trainer and possibly tatcis trainer.

    Some stay in private groups and do whatever they want, compete etc.

    Some stay in the forums,do whatever, probably spam useless comments.

    Mostly everyone wants to have fun.

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    How about chatting? Some people are idiots and refuse rematches when they won on time. They say things like you are terrible and anyone can beat you.

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    Well you can block those people. They might not have to for a rematch, maybe they have to go immediately, you can't judge them on that. Ignore mean comments, disable chat, they can't harm you.

    One of the biggest groups on chess.com, We chat global is a friendly chatting group

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    I know that, im just saying:)

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    Ok :)


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