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What feature would get you to pay for a membership.

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    I got an email from Chess.com today it asked me why a membership isnt worth it. This is one of my oppinions. Add your own. I know how hard everyone here works, adding features all of the time. But I think these suggestions should be taken more seriously than in other discussions because this is a true example of what would make more money for Chess.com

    Here is my reply to their email:

    "Many of the member features are slightly inaccessible on this site and offered free on other sites. For instance, Opening Explorer can be found free on 365chess.com. Its the same as yours, so why should I pay to use it. However, if the game explorer was linked to my actual games, so i could open the current position with one click, i would consider this a feature worth paying for.

    Thanks, joetheplumber"

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    Membership helps the players to raise their levels

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    One member feature that I would like to have is the one with tournaments. (More player capacity, more options, ability to host more, ect.) Anyway, I can't become a member because I'm too young. No credit card, no job. Innocent

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    Well, you do not consider the major features of this site: tactics trainer and chess mentor. You might say that there are some others tactics trainers elsewhere. True (I tried them all I think) but this one is by far the best :)

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    While I like this site, it really has little to offer me that i don't already have. I prefer to play Blitz on ICC (better competition), my slow play is through ICCF and CCLA--the quality of player is higher.

    The forums here are OK but many are dominated by silly (and repetitive threads). My feeling is most members here are not super serious about chess and are lower level players which is great as people should enjoy and learn the game but it offers little to me.

    Tactics Trainer is fun and I use my three free tries a day but I have many tactical tools. Chess Mentor is a good program I have the DVD's but really not what I use to train.

    So the answer in my mind is what value ifor my use does premium membership offer and my answer is little--even though I like the site.

    I have played in one tournament so far which was fun but clearly it will take a long time for the next rounf as there is WAY too much vacation time allowed --also I notice people here play way too many games at once which also is not great for their game (or playing against them)--just my own personal thoughts and not a knock on the site at all.

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    Videos, GM simuls, interactive lessons/lectures, World Peace....

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    SkpVwls wrote:

    One member feature that I would like to have is the one with tournaments. (More player capacity, more options, ability to host more, ect.) Anyway, I can't become a member because I'm too young. No credit card, no job.

     You are too young to do "odd jobs" ?  Hmmmm......

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    I wanted to purchase a membership last week for openings explorer, but i wasn't too happy of the features i will get. maybe they should revise them, or not. Although the fee was not high, the single one that made sense to me was the higher, but it wasn't too attractive also. 

    Anyway, i will continue to play for free.

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    I look forward to supporting this site. I think Erik has done a fantastic job at building this site and listening to his users. All the great features of the site aside I think that a certain level of commitment to the community in which you serve should be rewarded regardless.

    Plus, the fees are incredibly reasonable.

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    I got the good owl gold star to get away from the publicty, the tactics trainer, I never use, it would be good if I could over that to someone that would apreaciate it, eh?

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    RainbowRising wrote:

    No lag would get me to join, but I guess that's impossible.

    No idiots, but that won't happen either.

    As Costelus mentioned, those features as good - I am considering membership over the summer when I have more free time. Maybe you could do a 3 month membership  package Eric?

    We don't have a 3 month package per se, but you can certaily purchase a membership monthly, and stop it after three months.

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         to me membership was a way of saying thank you for developing

              a great site.

         the perks and features are icing on the cake

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    I hope you don't mind a question.  I thought your comments were helpful, especially the comparisons with other sites, but it made me wonder -- since these other sites are better from your perspective than Chess.com, why are you here?  I'm not suggesting you leave, only interested in hearing what it is that you like enough about the site to make it worth your time to be here.  I only ask because I am not familiar with the other sites you mention, and am less serious a chess player than you are - so I value your opinion.  Would you be willing to discuss what you like about this site?



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    purcellneil, i will answer that questionas it applies to me.

    I like the slow chess here, and the great community that it is built around. The players are not so good here, so i fit in better. Its a user friendly site, but I find the memberships to include features I dont need and not those that I do. Why am I still here if its not what I want, because nobody does better, its a personal matter, but I dont think that there is a single chess site online worth paying for. Im hopng a couple of membership benifits will be changed and that I can take advantage of those.

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    Thanks, Joe.  I like the community here too - and I like playing slower games too (allows me to play a little when I have time and come back later).  I wasn't really challenging you or aansel (to whom my question was directed) - I just wanted to understand what he liked about the site (given that his comments made it seem like other sites were generally better).  Just curious, and particularly interested because he seems to be deeper into chess than I am.


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    As for myself - I pay for a membership mainly to be able to use the Chess Mentor whenever and as much as I like.  I'm in too many games right now to have time for it though...

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    animalcontrol wrote:


    Was that realivent at all? Could you explain? Im pretty sure Chess.com would win a war with ICC Tongue out

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    Purcellnell--I will be happy to answer your question and if it is not complete or you have more questions please let me know.

    I am quite serious about chess--while I do not play any more I write chess reviews, do chess research and help various authors. 

    I play fiv (5 0) on ICC with random pairing which is the most accurate "blitz" game on the Internet. I find the interface excellent ( I know live chess is working on better design) and the ratings accurate. I tried some 5 0 here and have given up.

    I enjoy the serious threads and always offer to help if possible but there are too many "juvenile" type forums,answers and such which after the first few become annoying. For instance last I looks on the quiz, almost 30% of the people did not know what OTB chess was.

    I originally liked the forums and questions but have stopped looking and reading many. Look for instance "I am a boy" an other such wastes of time.I belong to two groups which are actually quite good.

    I also tried a tournament and that was OK and some of my recent turn based games are good. 

    My daughter uses the site (she is 9) and it is good for her. For me if I am going to pay $100 a year I would spend my money buying a different service. I think Erik and team have built a nice site with good features but aimed much more for novices.

    The tactics trainer is a nice feature but I have several such tools which I use regularly on my computer. My own personal database of games ( or even ChessBase's) is what I use for my opening works so those features are not necessary.

    I also do not like playing more than 4 or 5 games at once so bigger ( or more) tournaments offer me no value. Chess Mentor is a good tool but not how I train and I have the older DVD's

    Why do I keep on the site? I am a chess addict, I enjoy the occasional game and I do enjoy the intelligent or thoughtful chess threads

    Does my answer make sense?

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