What makes certain players think that commiting to one game, means commiting to more games?


I see a lot of comments about players that "get white then run". I recently got such comment myself.

What is wrong with wanting to play a single game? Many of us enjoy taking a break from work for a quick 5 0, or play a 3 0 on the phone while having maximum 6 minutes. Can some players that give out such comments explain what is wrong with this?

Maybe chess.com could add some "best of 3"-matches or similar for players that dislike the risk of not getting rematch if they lose.


for me, it's about 50/50. i've played a single game, then moved on. i've also played again the same opponent after we've finished. not sure about anyone else, but for me it's simply a mood decision at the time. and, for me it's about 50/50.


Some people are just childish.  Funny that you never see comments like 'Always plays black', or 'Plays one black then runs'.

There is a breed of person who, when their childish need for revenge is denied them, feel the need to post such things.  Often including the phrase 'run' because these type of people can't really be expected to at least be creative or imaginative in their 'toys out of the pram' moments.


I rarely accept rematches unless the player has been cordial, it's not too hard to say "good game" or "well played" and then ask for a rematch. An instant rematch with no other correspondence just feels like they're saying "you got lucky."

I also find these people are the types to do childish things, abandoning lost games, and play on trying to flag with daft moves while losing (yes, it's not against the rules, but neither is refusing rematches because you don't want to deal with this. my choice.)

also yeah, I play on the bus to work, if the bus is getting in I'm not hanging about the stop finishing another 10 minutes game.


I do like the option to look for a best of 2 or best of 3 though.


never accept a rematch, sore losers usually get an engine out.


login playswhitepieces logs out repeats

fe4 wrote:

login playswhitepieces logs out repeats


I think chess.com have algorithms to detect such behaviour. In any case, if someone did this, it would be obvious on their statistics. I doubt it is on mine since I don't do such thing.