Where is the Cool Hidden Stuff on Chess.com?

corrijean wrote:

You left out some of the classic topics:

Bishops vs. Knights

Should I resign


Women in chess

Chess = omg high IQ???!?!?

Is ____ the Mozart of Chess???!11one

Chess.com rating compare to real rating??????wut


and let's not forget about...
Can human beat computer???

Which human can beat computer???

Wat engine is best engine??????


This one was good.



The Schmitlap Maneuver was a true classic from the beginning of the site.


LisaV: Famke Janssen is an underrated Bond girl, IMO.  She's certainly more desirable than Richard Kiel, but they didn't bring her back for another.  For what it's worth, I like the Max Headroom qualities of this Kiel pic, as well as the forehead bump.  And the Chepp thread is a fun one!

I'm still going through the old stuff.  It's fun!  Any other links or hints are definitely appreciated.  It's a peephole into the culture here.


Don't forget about free pancakes.


The waffle-vs.pancake wars destroyed them all.


Pssttttttt...all the cool hidden stuff on chess.com only appears when you reach 100000000000000000000000000000 points.

Then you will know:

the gravesite of Jimmy Hoffa

the secret chamber under Denver airport with the real US President.

That Britney Spears is a scout alien for a coming invasion force


Alien vanguard!

ivandh wrote:
red-lady wrote:
corrijean wrote:

You left out some of the classic topics:

Bishops vs. Knights

Should I resign


Women in chess

I still think the femaleneeded topic was the best ever. 

A classic, if not quite classy, topic.

Yes, those pictures of femaleneeded getting ready for his date. Those were hilarious. And his babe magnet car...


I don't remember the name of the thread, but the one with all the pics of the speedboat with different characters was great.

Pen2da_Pixel wrote:

Linux is very familiar with American (USA) culture for an Australian.  Did you ever live in the US? 

I watch mythbusters on youtube. That combined with Britney Spears videos has given me an excellent grasp of American culture.

KrishnaHarish20 wrote:

Ha ha!!! Damn..

You missed it, didn't you? Someone should reopen it... Where oh where is femaleneeded Cool


What was the thread with the guy who wanted to play for the world championship?  Shawn Williams maybe from Joliet Illinois?  Cuz I rele gud an kin beet eve1 eva playd.   I think it was Trysts who suggested he try Russia because that's where all the best players are and to dress warm in case he had to stand in line a few hours?  Some 2200 from England then beat him 10 straight games... That was a fun thread.


These two were pretty fun:



corrijean wrote:

You left out some of the classic topics:

Bishops vs. Knights

Should I resign


Women in chess

No, you just overlooked it. :P I included it as the Saying GG is arrogant but just spelled it out instead of the abbreviation. Also, I had already said it was just a few for starters, not some all-encompassing, comprehensive final exhaustive edition.  All is forgiven though. And you're right, I left out those others. And they are pretty classic.

@Fingerly...You doin' some market research for an upcoming "offer" in the chess niche?

learningthemoves wrote:

Hmmm here are some recent recurring hot topics....

You got your: "Who's better? Fischer or Kasparov?" 

                    "I invented a new opening!"

                    "Someone's hacked the chess clock to cheat!"

                    "Am I too old to become a grandmaster?"

                    "People who don't rematch are cowards!"

                    "Saying Good Game after you beat someone is arrogant!"


They are mostly buried because they aren't exactly worthy of "shouldn't be dead" status, but should be good for starters to catch you up on anything you think you might have missed lol.

Oh yeah, and don't forget, "Can a 1300 player beat a 2700 rated grandmaster?"

Thanks!!!  I guess I can just scrap my next six subjects.  Thanks for nothing.


Invinting a better game is not in my future.  ;-)


Good pick here, corrijean! Definitely one of my favorites.Smile


That certainly was a fun thread.

A couple more serious items.

Batgirl writes excellent articles:


Most anything she posts is fun to read.

Here is a great thread by goldendog. It has over 400,000 views.