Where's my tactics trainer history?


This is written on Sunday, November 24th, 2012. 

When I logged on this morning and clicked over to tactics trainer, I notice the first puzzle loaded immediately, and a new window opened on top of it, telling me my rating and asking something about if I wanted to practice?  When I agreed, I played my 3 daily puzzles.  I wanted to go back and review one of them in a little more depth, but now when I click Tactics Trainer it brings me right to the screen telling me to buy a premium membership if I want unlimited puzzles.  That's not what I want, I just want to see the history of the problems I've done. 

Anyone else having the same problem?


There have been a couple of threads on this.  The workaround is to "bookmark" the trainer history so you can get back to it.  You could do a forum search and the archives have the original threads if you want.


I looked for the threads you mentioned, but didn't find anything.  As of Tuesday the 26th, that problem has gone away.  Now when I click on Tactics Trainer, it brings me to the stats page, with the history of my puzzles.

Now there's a new problem.  Everything Tactics Trainer related seems to bring me to that same page.  Clicking on a puzzle in my history brings me to... the stats page.  There's a new comment on a Tactics Trainer puzzle?  Clicking the link from my home page brings me to.... the stats page. 



I don't mind changes and improvements to the website, but they should be actual improvements.  Not the creation of new problems where none existed before...


As of Wednesday, the 28th, it seems to be back the way it was a week ago.