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why do people disable chat?

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    I would like to ask someone of the chat-disablers-in-the-beginning-of-a-game: why do you do it? I don't see the intentions of that and find it weird. What is the reason behind it? thanks :)

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    To socialize on the chess board and not the dialogue box.

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    well, i dealt with ppl who like to trash talk on chat.  it's really distracting when concentrating on a game.  even if isn't trash talk, it affects my game. 

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    I like the chat box on and enjoy chatting to other players (on longer timers) also to say GG at the end of a game. But I have disabled it in the past as there are a few people that think that "chat" is a synonym for "be a jerk." I guess that people who disable it to start with have encountered too many idiots to want to leave the box on?

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    It is distracting sometimes, and, some of us have had the misfortune of meeting sore loosers...

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     I too like to say GG and the end of a good game and this was why I found annoying when somebody somebody diasbled chat right off the bat. 


    Ok, now I understand your motives, thx for the answers.


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