Why do people stall lost games

Is it just to spite the player who’s winning? “Oh, you win, but you have to wait out my remaining 1 minute timer rather than me resigning”
Or is here some sense of pride involved in refusing to resign? I genuinely want to know what the thoughts are for the players who do this.
Anyways, I usually report people who abandon matches like that, because it’s hella annoying and a waste of my time for them to leave without resigning and making me wait out their timer, and seems to agree with me, I often get messages informing me that they got sanctioned.

The only reason it happens is because of anonymity.  Their is a reason you dont see the things you see online, in OTB play.


I think it's probably almost always to spite the player who's winning.


They're too busy crying.


Yeah, dealing with one of these now with a daily game. We had a good game for a while there, but now he is just delaying the inevitable. He only has a king left, I've got a rook, pawns (one soon to be a queen), and a knight. He probably should have resigned two days ago.


Because they are very frustrated people, they are bitter, insecure and coward. Simply pathetic losers.


I report them too, unfortunately it doesn't lead to anything because doesn't do jack about it they just have it there to pretend they care about fairplay or whatever