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Your Games Analyzed on Chess.com/TV Today!

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       Hey everyone!

       The return of the well-liked Your Games Analyzed begins today at 9:30 AM Pacific/12:30 PM Eastern/5:30 PM London time and is hosted by GM Magesh Panchanathan. The show is open to Platinum/Diamond members.

       This was one of the first shows airing on Chess.com/TV when it first started up and over the months it has seen many hosts including FM Elliott Liu, IM David Pruess and GM Melik Khachiyan.

       Those of you who are new to the Chess.com/TV, the show is pretty basic. In the beginning of the broadcast, the Host asks a trivia question (normally about chess) and the first one to answer correctly in the chat gets to have one of their games analyzed in depth by the Host. Now the game could be an OTB game or tournament game recently played, a LIVE Chess or a Online Chess game here or at another site (boooo!), or perhaps even against a computer opponent such as Fritz or Rybka.

       It's a very entertaining, educational, and low-keyed show, unlike the wild "BIG Show" or the heavy debate Pardon our BlundersIt is (and should be) a relaxed atmosphere where the person getting the game analyzed should be allowed to understand where they went right and made mistakes. So respect in this show is greatly appreciated.

       For the rules and guidelines of the Chess.com/TV Chat, please observe the blog posted a few weeks back and adhere to them out of respect for the Host, the members in chat, and especially the person getting their game analyzed.

       Thanks everyone!


       -Super Admin of the Official Chess.com/TV Group & Chess.com/TV Chat Moderator

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    Great! I'll be there.

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    How was the show? Any feedback?

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       David - Magesh did an absolutely awesome job. Everyone seemed to greatly enjoy the show and he got a lot of compliments during the show from viewers. We had a lot of first timers at the show and they said that he did a great job. There were no problems with behavior and the chat was very active talking about the game. I would say it was a sweet success.  Cool


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    excellent!! thanks :)


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