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YouTube Tryouts!

  • #181

    Aww-rats helped me out a lot with his videos, so I vote for him. Also - Squareology. Love his voice and tea-drinking.

  • #182

    squareology, and awwrats are my votes

  • #183

    1. squarology (I want to point out that he has asked mutiple time in multiple places for adivce on how to improve his videos. I'm sure others would take advice if given to them, but he has actually been seeking it out.)

    2. aww-rats

    3. TigerLilov

  • #184

    Thanks for the support first of all. I want to make a suggestion. How about selecting something like 5-7 "finalists" and they have to make videos for like a week just as if they would if selected for the channel. I think that way it's better to see what each has to offer.

  • #185

    Mr. FM zibbit, I see one problem with that, and it is that I think more than one person deserves to win.

  • #186

    I'll vote for aww-rats. I like his style.

  • #187

    chasm1995: My proposal at no point eliminated the possiblity of more than one winner ;-)

  • #188

    good point... but I still think more than five or seven people deserve to win.  There are players of all levels, and I think that at lower levels, such at mine, finding a decent move is just as good as finding the best move.

  • #189

    I vote 1. Aww rats

             2. Squarology

  • #190

    Among all of the entries, I must say that Squarology was by far the most impressive. Great stuff.

  • #191

    I like Squareology's style.

    Also Ryan Phillips aka Damn Crooked is good to watch and listen to.

  • #192

    My vote goes to aww-rats

  • #193

    From what i've seen i'll vote for:

    1.Squarology, 2.Aww-rats, 3. Tigerlilov, 4. DamnCrooked

  • #194

    Votes here:




  • #195

    Votes go to 1.Squarology 2.Aww-rats

  • #196

    Check out my vid!


  • #197

    I like to talk about unusual openings. My Youtube chess openings playlist is here. Hope you like the style of delivery.


  • #198

    I would like to see more of IM Squarology's videos

  • #199

    I think Squarology is making great videos.

  • #200

    Squarology has some awesome videos! You should check them out. You'll agree.


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