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  • #221
    Butterfly-Effect wrote:

    im not being kind, im being truthful.

    And extremely biased.

  • #222

    aww-rats gets my vote! 

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    There were many great entries but I liked the Squarology's the best followed by TestViking and PeterLalic.

  • #224

    Squarology gets my vote.

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    jadedog wrote:

    Great tip - MJ4H - Google "oCam". I'd be hopeless at this, but I tried making a video of my own live game and realized what a great learning tool this could be.

    You can sit there watching your own game shouting from the sidelines "Move your knight to d6!" or 'Don't do that - it's a blunder!" or pretend you're Admiral Ackbar "It's a Trap!"

    Agree.  A couple of summers ago, I made myself play one long standard game every day and make a video out of it.  I made it almost a month of doing this every single day.  I was very, very bad at chess at the time in my life.  I actually used those videos to get better (along with much more normal study and help from a very strong player).  It is actually very helpful to watch these videos back and spot your weak points in your thinking process.  Try this sometime, if possible.

    1) Play a game while videoing/talking out loud.  Do your best.

    2) Don't watch it back yet.  Instead, go over the game thoroughly with a much stronger player.  Take lots of notes.

    3) Watch the video back and pay extra attention to why you missed what you missed.  A lot of times, you will find extremely large chinks in your armor in this process.  "Wow, I never consider the resulting pawn structure after a trade is offered."  Who knows that kinds of things you will find, but you are pretty much guaranteed to find numerous flaws that are easily fixable.

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    This isn't really a "Blitz Session", but I thought I'd leave it here anyways : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylAyJeV0g5w 

    Basically a mix of puzzles, blitz and rants. If you liked it, check out the four previous episodes :)

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    I vote for 1. Skaternest0 2. Zibbit 3. TestViking 4. Peter Lalic 5. Squarology

  • #228

    My vote is for Squarology. Great stuff!

  • #229

    Aww Rats, gets my vote!

  • #230

    Anybody know about microphones - quality v. cost, good brands or models?

  • #231

    Do you have one built in on your laptop (if that is what you are using)?

  • #232

    I cast my vote for aww-rats!

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    I probably do, not sure atm. Are built-in mics usually of sufficient quality?

  • #234

    I don't know how good the quality, but they are sufficient for recording your voice at an arm's length with clarity.

  • #235

    I find that the microphone in my cheap Logitech webcam is just fine.

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    Thanks people. Smile

  • #237

    I only watched squarology's video, and liked it al lot

  • #238

    another vote for Aww Rats...

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    @Chasm1995 If you knew me at all you would understand that regardless of how much i like someone, I would never tell people to vote for someone i didnt feel was capable of doing the work. It is just not what im about, people who know me know that about me. 

      You are still young and i understand that your life experience is limited in that way. This is not about who popularity in high school or college. Its about a man devoting much of his time freely to help others improve their game. He deserves to win period. He has worked very hard for it.

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    A small taste of what's I've got to offering... Lol so outclassed here but I believe that helps me get better? No worries the shows called " how u beat me in chess" and I haven't viewed it yet... Prolly a bunch of great stuff cheers


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