YouTube Tryouts!


There were many great entries but I liked the Squarology's the best followed by TestViking and PeterLalic.


Squarology gets my vote.

jadedog wrote:

Great tip - MJ4H - Google "oCam". I'd be hopeless at this, but I tried making a video of my own live game and realized what a great learning tool this could be.

You can sit there watching your own game shouting from the sidelines "Move your knight to d6!" or 'Don't do that - it's a blunder!" or pretend you're Admiral Ackbar "It's a Trap!"

Agree.  A couple of summers ago, I made myself play one long standard game every day and make a video out of it.  I made it almost a month of doing this every single day.  I was very, very bad at chess at the time in my life.  I actually used those videos to get better (along with much more normal study and help from a very strong player).  It is actually very helpful to watch these videos back and spot your weak points in your thinking process.  Try this sometime, if possible.

1) Play a game while videoing/talking out loud.  Do your best.

2) Don't watch it back yet.  Instead, go over the game thoroughly with a much stronger player.  Take lots of notes.

3) Watch the video back and pay extra attention to why you missed what you missed.  A lot of times, you will find extremely large chinks in your armor in this process.  "Wow, I never consider the resulting pawn structure after a trade is offered."  Who knows that kinds of things you will find, but you are pretty much guaranteed to find numerous flaws that are easily fixable.


This isn't really a "Blitz Session", but I thought I'd leave it here anyways : 

Basically a mix of puzzles, blitz and rants. If you liked it, check out the four previous episodes :)


I vote for 1. Skaternest0 2. Zibbit 3. TestViking 4. Peter Lalic 5. Squarology


My vote is for Squarology. Great stuff!


Aww Rats, gets my vote!


Anybody know about microphones - quality v. cost, good brands or models?


Do you have one built in on your laptop (if that is what you are using)?


I cast my vote for aww-rats!


I probably do, not sure atm. Are built-in mics usually of sufficient quality?


I don't know how good the quality, but they are sufficient for recording your voice at an arm's length with clarity.


I find that the microphone in my cheap Logitech webcam is just fine.


Thanks people. Smile


I only watched squarology's video, and liked it al lot


another vote for Aww Rats...


@Chasm1995 If you knew me at all you would understand that regardless of how much i like someone, I would never tell people to vote for someone i didnt feel was capable of doing the work. It is just not what im about, people who know me know that about me. 

  You are still young and i understand that your life experience is limited in that way. This is not about who popularity in high school or college. Its about a man devoting much of his time freely to help others improve their game. He deserves to win period. He has worked very hard for it.


A small taste of what's I've got to offering... Lol so outclassed here but I believe that helps me get better? No worries the shows called " how u beat me in chess" and I haven't viewed it yet... Prolly a bunch of great stuff cheers


On the topic of mics (not claiming to be an expert), built in mic quality varies a lot. Part of the issue is that a built in mic may pick up the computer's fan noise and vibration if your laptop runs noisily. Headset mics are particularly close to your mouth and may pick up background breathing noises if you don't have a windscreen (usually just a foam cover). Most people I know who produce stuff like this (podcasts, etc.) use small stand mics that sit on the desk between them and the computer. As far as individual quality goes, I would pay attention to reviews on Amazon or other tech sites. I have heard people get good results with all sorts of mics. I personally use a headset mic and windscreen, but it picks up a bit much of my breathing noises.


Technical Details:

Camtasia Sudio 8 to record the screen.

Microsoft LX-3000 Headset to record my voice.

*I should also note I lower the volume slider really low when I am about to record. That way I don't squelch when I talk. Later when I edit the video I amplify the volume three-fold.