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YouTube Tryouts!

  • #361

    I will vote for squarology, thanks for the fun and instructive videos.

  • #362

    And for chessnetwork too.

  • #363

    A lot of treasures in this contest.  Thank you all!

  • #364

    hello my name is faramarz   i love yours

  • #365
  • #366

    Yes, there are a lot of great vids on here, Im glad chess.com put this out there. Its got to be really hard to talk about what you're thinking while trying to play. Kind of like drinking and smoking at the same time maybe?

  • #367

    I've been travelling from tournament to tournament for over a month and only now I'm back home. Am I too late for this contest? I wouldn't like to "waste" time if the deadline has passed :)

  • #368

    They haven't set any deadline and people have just been submitting more and more videos.

  • #369

    I vote for NM aww rats

  • #370

    My computer is back! So of course, a Queen Sac was calling my name! Let me know what you think guys. 

    Just like this game, I'm not giving up on this competition! Hahah.


  • #371

    My latest, solving tactics on Chess.com: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T40soUJt-SQ

  • #372

    Aww-Rats should do the job... He is very instructive and has taught several people individually. He has already made over 300 instructive videos.

  • #373


    I just recorded my games and uploaded them; no comments, no effects, no cutting etc. I'd be glad to hear some feedback

  • #374

    I post videos from my twitch channel. I'm going to try and post more videos. I explain my thought processes, and interact with my twitch audience. All feedback appreciated! 


  • #375

    I like samuelmbrad's videos. That last game was really interesting and he presented it hilariously and educationally.

    I vote for him! 

  • #376

    TheRookfellas - New Year Special (part 1) - "Give A Class"


  • #377

    i support the rookfellas

  • #378

    I also support the rookfellas, want more videos!

  • #379

    I want to know when the staff picks a winner.

  • #380

    What kind of commentary is chess.com looking for? I've wanted to make youtube videos doing chess commentary for a while now but I'm not sure if NM and higher level commentary is what the chess.com community as a whole would be looking for. I can explain my move choices and ideas a lot more indepth for a bit lower rated viewer to understand if that's what the community would prefer. Or I can explain my game as I would to my 2200+ colleagues if that's prefered

    Also, just found out how to record my screen and voice for free ;)


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