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A Brilliant Save

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    Hope you enjoy and find it instructive.

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    Excellent post, Phil!  I found it very helpful.
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    If i were to understand this, i were a master of the game

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    Loved it, even though I could only solve it through move 7. Thanks, Phil!
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    couldnt he move his pawn and king?
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    How is this a draw?  King + Pawn = win.
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    Sorry to disappoint you, but King + Pawn v King is not always a win.

    Lets use the position where we left off to demonstrate how the defending side will get a draw in this sort of situation.

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    Thanks for sharing, really interesting.

     eternal21: I'm a bit surprised that you didn't know that having a raying over 1700.

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    Phil_from_Blayney wrote: really remarkable








    Hope you enjoy and find it instructive.



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