A pawn endgame puzzle


Realistically, White has three moves here: gxf6, g5-g6 and gxh6. 
Which of these should White NOT play?

And (be honest with yourself): would you have thought about this if it hadn't been presented as a puzzle?


Ik zou g6 spelen,Dan promoveer ik met schaak.

Bij f6x niet. en met afruilen na schaak van de dames. Komt de koning in de mogelijkheid dat als wit de pion pakt. de zwarte koning hem kan afsluiten.


It seems to me that White wins with g6 and gxh6, and draws with gxf6, so the last one must be avoided

gf is the only move that seems to draw, because black’s h-pawn is preventing white’s h-pawn from promoting. White wins by either pushing and promoting to a queen (because white will queen with check and then will maneuver the queen in, while picking off the f- and h-pawns with the king), or by capturing the h-pawn (because white will queen first, deliver check on a8, and then skewer black’s king and queen, after which white will promote the h-pawn).

I would have played the pawn push in a live game because I would have seen that I could queen with check and then keep the king distracted while the king picks off the f- and h-pawns. I would not have bothered looking at the other lines.

The most straightforward win must be gxh6.

Then both sides promote, White checks on a8 and b8 then trades Queens, and the h-Pawn marches in.