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A Puzzle no Grandmaster solved until Tal solved it

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    sahilbhtia wrote:
    GreenLeaf14 wrote:

    Why promote the pawns to knights  and what kind of puzzle was it....???

    I also agree with your idea I also do not understand why promote the pawn to knight. right procedure is pawn promote to queen or rook . any one know that please tell me

    Look at which squares the knight controls. They are promoted to knights because only knights can stop the bishop checkmates. First knight promotion stops Bf3 mate, second stops Be2 mates, Nc7 stops Be8 mates, but Ba4 is unstoppable mate.

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    I wasn't around when this thread was started, so I didn't come across it until today. Obviously many of the comments were from people who didn't bother to watch the Kaidanov video. One comment said that the composer of the study is unknown, but Kaidanov said he learned it was composed in 1990 by a Dutchman named Van Breukelen.

    I looked the position up in HHdbV and verified that it was composed by G. Van Breukelen as an entry in the composing tourney Schakend Nederland 1990. Kaidanov makes no mention of Tal. However, Tal died in 1992, probably due to organ failure resulting from a lifetime of heavy drinking and chain smoking, so it is certainly possible he was shown the position and solved it before his death.

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    Sai_1829 wrote:

    seems so absurd to me that this type of end game would happen in a high calibar match.

    As pointed out in the comment just before yours, this was not a game position. It is a composed endgame study.

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    Who created the puzzle?

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    nibotsemaj wrote:

    Who created the puzzle?

    The composer still has not changed since comment #63 was posted.

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    Even stockfish doesn't solve it! People say

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    It's not wise to believe everything people say.

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    And did Tal really solve it...?

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