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Alike yet different!

  • #1

    Today, you get two for the price of one Smile

    Once again I have 'borrowed' from a blog that I read.

    These are both instructive and interesting because of their similarities and the solutions.

    The thought is that they are both compositions by Stamma, the only definite thing is that the 2nd was by him in 1792.

    Here we go...................

    Now for the 2nd one..............

    Did solving the first one make it easier or harder to solve the second?

  • #2

    I solved the first one, but I didn't find the second one. Cool.

  • #3

    awesome puzzle(s). never even considered queen side castling on the latter.

  • #4

    You're a nice bloke, Phil, but after that piece of legerdemain remind me not to leave you alone with my wife any time soon...

  • #5

    A brilliant display of lexis dexterity there young Dave!

    I had to go to Dictionary.com to even know how to reply to it Wink

    I think that my wife's reaction to any of the sort of shenanigans you suggest ensures that you have nothing to worry about at all. Smile


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