's Weekly Study: August 7th 2016



Starting with 2016, we will be posting a Weekly Study, courtesy of Yochanan Afek, Grandmaster for composing endgame studies. These challenging positions are designed to stimulate (and improve upon!) your creativity, depth of calculation, pattern recognition and pure imagination.

V. Yakimchik, 1960



That's the spoiler to spoil all spoilers! I cut out my right eye to not see the solution - I am a countryman of van Gogh - and made a selfie of it for the archives - you do not want to see me painting. Life ain't easy for an addict to




The last moves of the solution are very similar to tablebase wins in the K+R+B vs K+R ending.

The soft spot of the composition is the motionless statue on h2. The author might as well have kept it in his pocket until its presence was required for a technical endgame variation. Edit: well, it does prevent Rf1 but that is a thin jusitfication.


this is good, thx