Impossible to Win Endgame?


Hi guys,

Recently in a tournament I played I ran into a position where I ended up agreeing to a draw, because I saw no way to win. Should I have done this? I was running low on time anyways.


Unless you have the board setup wrong, why not a8/Q


Actually, you can look it up here:

(And yes, it is a draw--but not the way Black played it.  1 Ke1 allows 1... Bc4, when you can shoo his king away from the pawn and get in there yourself with your king.  However, 1 Kg1 does draw.)


#2. Yeah puts me right off too. I have "mirrored" the draw above.


Oh yeah, I think I may have seen one before (in a book or something).

At least with rook pawns you can always hope that he'll fall into that discovered mate. happy.png

JamesColeman wrote:

It's a draw if the pawns are on the b-file too, I've had that OTB.

Yes the side with the bishop needs the pawn on the 5th and not the 6th to win.


The 1st diagram is an EASY win. Afte kd8, go bf5 and then bring the king in to get the pawn


If the defending king can get to a square next to b2 (using the Rat1960 diagram), the game is drawn, because he can toggle around a1, b1, c1, and c2 indefinitely, blocking the attacking king from the key b1/b2 squares which would allow the pawn to be captured.


Endgame studier is right if it is black to move in the same diagram, 1. ..Bf4! wins, as the black king marches over to take the pawn.  With white to move, 1. Kc1 draws.

ghost_of_pushwood was all covered earlier. wink.png