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king and bishop checkmate

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    I have been playing what i called "Home Chess", you know just some friends getting together to play at home. Never play online or anything else like that. Now that I am here on Chess.com (which I love) it came to me a scenario that i really never thought about it before...

    Lets say we have: whites  ke1  and  bc1         and then we have:  black   ke8

    IS IT POSSIBLE TO CHECKMATE THE BLACK KING? even if it takes a long time?

    thank you for all your comments!!!!

    "Chess is a never-ending lesson..." Tulio Paz.

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    No. Insufficient material.

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    You will need something like a pawn to block out a square to move.

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    That is a good method although how do u get to it? Perhaps you could make a video to show how to get to that stage.... I think thats the hardest part L0L.

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    Unless black had material,if not,impossible!!
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    What is quote?
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    juice246 wrote:

    I was playing someone who only had a king and a bishop and I just had a king. It then came up with (insufficient material +1)

    Insufficient material means that you have not enough material to checkmate your opponent's king.

    For example:

    Two knights is also not possible to force checkmate.



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