Marcel Duchamp's Problem

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    In 1943, M. Duchamp posed a "problem with no solution". From the initial position, the following moves are suggested by Larry Evans (on, the article is written by Francis Naumann).

    But there is one different proposal because of Black's sixth move.
    But there is another possibility for White to continue after Black's ...Rg8:

    By the end of the article, the author writes: "Duchamp has given us, in effect, a problem with no solution."

    Do you agree?

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    no, there is an answer for sure

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    In a short while the endgame tablebase for the endgames with these pieces will be done. So wait like 2 year to get a definate answer.

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    flip the board  - g5 


    nope still a draw   damn rook endings!

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    He had a very strange idea of what constituted a fountain.

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    Using Houdini 4 at a depth of 32, this is a drawn endgame. I was really hoping for some trick that Marcel may have hidden from people, but that is not the case. 

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