whats the next moves ???


 what do you think ? Can white win ??? or it is draw ??? (white to move )


1.Kd3! Ke5  2.Kc4 Kd6  3.Kd4 Kc6  4.Ke5 Kd7  5.Kd5 Ke7  6.d3 Kd7  7.d4  and White has permanent control of the opposition and will soon queen the pawn and checkmate quickly.


I agree with cobra91


So you can see on cobra91's moves that the white king moves up in front of the pawn. That is vital. A common mistake amongst beginners in such a position would be to move the pawn. If white starts by moving his pawn he misses the win.


It's a win if the white king can get to c4, d4 or e4, which he can.