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White to play and draw! What? How is this possible?

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    You're right, it is impossible!

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    Hi everyone! This is my first forum post, so I hope you guys like it! Once again, the position here seems dire... how can White save the game? I assure you, it IS possible... have fun! Cool

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    A famous Reti study.

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    This is the famous Richard Reti geometrical study. There's also the line 2...h3 3.Ke6! h2 4.c7 etc.

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    I still say it's not possible. Smile

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    Andy if you play Blacks how you win?

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    You guys really need to develop your sense of fun a bit more...

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    Talking about sence of humor.

    I have this weird idea that your name is a composition of Andy Kaufman and Tony Clifton.

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    Nice puzzle.

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    htdavidht wrote:

    I have this weird idea that your name is a composition of Andy Kaufman and Tony Clifton.

    I suspect that you're one of the few chessplayers to have gotten it... Smile

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    Nice puzzle.  Thank you for sharing!

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    Hi Guys,

    This is my first post, so just like to say I love this site!

    I came across this study while going through Fundamental Chess Endings. This study demonstrates the concept of board geometry (approaching the black pawn, not through a straight line) and threatening to support whites c-pawn. Very nice indeed!

    If you enjoyed this puzzle try the following (also ends in draw):

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    Nice one!  Who composed it?

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    AndyClifton wrote:

    Nice one!  Who composed it?

    Feiter,K. 1939.

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    Hey nimzo, you still exist!  Howdy. Laughing

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    wait is white trying to draw????

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    Yeah - white's trying to draw. This position illustrates that a king can move diagonally just as quickly as in a straight line, thus covering a longer distance. Here's another interesting puzzle I found.


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    The composer is de Feijter (1939, ECE 125) and yes, white to draw

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