always redo blunders or just play on??


I'm new and dumb. I always listen to the tips, and when I make a blunder move take it back and play the suggested line. Is this the right way to learn? I'm thinking it's probably the best to learn the optimal moves as a novice and learn the patterns. But maybe not, should I just play on with my blunders and get my butt kicked? Maybe a sore butt teaches better


I play against AI (computer) opponents. 


To an extent the take back facility is helpful early on. However, one learns more from lost games in a way. The bots here play from very low ratings so you can take the training wheels of against them and see how you go. It takes time to sharpen pattern recognition; the lessons are useful for this.


I think that there is two things to consider on this issue. The first is that are you just playing the suggested line, and not know why your move is a blunder? If you just make the suggested move without any understanding then I think it would be better to let the computer punish you for your mistake so you can learn from it, and avoid it the next time. If you are trying to learn from it and trying to figure why your move is a blunder, then I don't think it matters whether you use the take back or not. The second thing to consider is are you learning how to play when you make mistakes. This second point can only be done by not using the take back feature. We all make blunders in a game. You don't calculate something out correctly, you don't see something and then get surprised by losing material, etc. How you play after that and your mindset when it happens matters also, and that only gets better with experience. Sometimes you are able to get out of it, and sometimes not, but having the mindset and experience in how make the best of it is important if you want to go beyond playing bots. That is my perspective on it. Hope this helps. 


Takebacks can be a good way to learn (if you're playing against a friend/teacher/bot), it allows you to learn from multiple mistakes per game rather than just one tongue.png but don't just "play the suggested line instead", spend a bit of time making sure you understand why the blunder is a blunder and why the suggested line is suggested


You are not dumb!!!! Stop to saying this

I feel like it’s better to just let your blundered pawn just go bye-bye instead of taking the move bake, as then you would learn that mistake and see a different game then say, the kings gambit. Or don’t.