Castling makes my King vulnerable???






Basically, castling is not a strategy.  If he is castling because he thinks he should he's doing it wrong



Yes, correct. This is why in a previous post I said in order for castling to be used to its full advantage you have to know why you are doing it.





in that game that was posted up there, your king was completely safe until you played h4 for no reason


Yes, the king was safe until the what would be in my opinion a MAJOR BLUNDER that is impossible to save for white


( h4)


Look at game people play here who are rated 1500 and higher.  Most, by a large degree, do not castle until at least 15 moves


aka-old-fart-5 wrote:

after 65 years of chess I cannot recall anyone of stature recommending early castling especially for an inexperienced player.  There are too many pitfalls and many more important strategies to learn


It literally took me two seconds to find somebody of stature recommending castling quickly "in the vast majority of cases".


Of course the advice is to assess your position first, but you have to give new players a break and assume it takes time to learn that assessment. But certainly a new player reading this would come away planning to castle early...


"Castle when you have no better move."


Leaving your king in the center makes it more vulnerable most of the time. If the center gets open your sol. Every position is different. Somtimes we can delay castling and make the opponent wonder if your going long or short, somtimes just moving the king to the 2nd or 7th rank and connecting the rooks is best. Think it was 2 games ago i played where i did that. Somtimes if i castle and they launch pawns down the board i just make a blockade. Having a bishop an knight hang around the castled king is good with an aggresive opponent. Some peices have to be assigned to defensive duty and hang back. Navigating a closed position. Im not the best defensive player by any means but i try an create equal danger or just make some profalactic moves to anticipate a castled king attack.


Then there are those of us with games like a recent OTB one I had where I wanted to launch a king-side pawn storm while my opponent had the option of opening the a-file.  With the center blocked I played Kd2, Rag1 and attacked (successfully).  My opponent had his king defended by his fianchettoed bishop, his other bishop, both rooks and his queen but my pawns, two rooks, queen and knight exploited his weaknesses (he had so many defending pieces they are restricting his ability to move them - my bishop, my other knight and his knight were not involved in the king-side battle).


Your king is exposed in the centre because of all your pawns pushed forwards there. Castling allows to get the king to safety, although in some cases, it is not safety you are achieving. (Quote from some guy my Dad met)


I mean it rlly depends on how you use the castle bc it can rlly help u I would recommend (if u were to use the castle again ) moving it into a area where more pieces can protect your king that way ur rook can also defend the same line ur king goes onto as well as the other pieces that may surround it !
I recommend you to watch your opponent ripping up lines of attack against your king, and be cautious with Queen-bishop batteries because they are most dangerous if ripping up lines.

It depends on the position.

One thing I suggest is as long as you think it won’t put you in a disadvantage or help your opponent is to move one of the pawns in front of the king to make an escape route

You'd do that without any obvious immediate threat?

I can understand if you're sufficiently worried about a back rank mate, otherwise surely it opens your defenses needlessly and loses tempo and development?