Finally reached 1000. Took around 6 months. How about you?


Took me a couple of days over 3 months to get to 1000 rapid.

Now reaching for 1200 and then 1500.

Have had a little bit of trouble finding time to play full rapid games lately, so I have focused more on daily games, since it allows me to figure out a move at a time, whenever I have time.

I am now 1350 in daily and 1150ish in rapid, but I expect my rapid rating to climb a little bit, when I have time to play more games.

It has now been around 9 and a half months since I started.


To be honest, it took me about a week to get to 1000. Then it took me like 5 years to get to 1800 lol


I got to 1100 in rapid in about three months. I got to 1000 in four months. (not a typo) 


Headed for 900.


I created an account

didnt do much with it then

did puzzles

not many real games, mostly with friends 

i would say with trying to get higher rating in rapid a few weeks, from account creation way too long


publicipo wrote:

I finally got to the 1000 rating.

Which direction were you going... up or down?


I thought I was a 1000-level player; recent matches haven proven this assumption to be utterly false.

But at least I am not a 400 player, anymore …


Congrats! It took me about 6 months of consistent playing/studying to hit 1000. Hit me up if you ever want to schedule a longer time format game.


I think it took me around 3 months to get to 1000 in rapid. Created account on nov 2020 and got to 1000 around feb 2021. If i remember correct I did not play so much in nov and dec but I startet to play way way more in jan. I guess I could check game history to check this but I am tired and a bit lazy. I played a little chess as a kid, not at a club only with family and friends but we did not know about the rules like queeside castle and un passant. Started to play online at the age of 35 after watching queen gambit, I remember I had fun with chess as a kid and I see someone I know from an other game, he was streaming and played some chess while waiting for queue time on the other game. And this two things made me want to try to play again so I created an account and now I play a massive amount and got a bit hocked on the game. I replaced my other game with chess. It feels like I make more progress here. The other game was kinda dying a little bit and most players left was really really good.


Went from 1050 to 904. took about 6 months


Well I don’t exactly know how long it took me to reach the 1000 mark, but when my boyfriend was my motivations to get better every day 🥰 

best of luck for everyone 😇 may god bless you all.