getting past the 400 player mark.



So on a good day I am at 400 on this website. I don't care about the number. However, I do like the idea of improving. Does anyone have any recommendations on how I can like 500 points or even 600 points? 

One thing I have most defiantly learned is that its a terrible idea to play when i'm tired or I'm not ready to completely 100% focus on the game. 

Thank you for any ideas you may have happy.png 


I got past 400 by spending a lot of time making sure I don’t put my queen (or something else) in the way of a bishop (or something else lol). And play only on my 4 rows until they put their queen (or something else lmao) where it can be taken.

Still struggling to do that and look for checkmates against me. But that’s what I am working on now. Oh and get into a club that does vote chess well. I have some recommendations. But you can ask questions and if it’s good they will be happy to explain. Good luck! You got this!


What worked for me was the following: Watching a lot of chess videos (It doesn't have to be a chore, just pick YouTubers that make it entertaining while explaining what is being done) and analyzing your games (Even after spending your daily analysis, it is still helpful).

But mainly I could summarize it in a few points:

  1. Learn your checkmates for when you have the advantage at late game, I managed to draw a few times because my opponent didn't know what to do and ended up stalemating me. At least learn the "Ladder Mate", the "Back Rank Mate", "King and Queen Mate" and "King and Rook Mate".
  2. Simplify the game: If you have a an piece advantage (Say, you're +3 or +4), try forcing equal trades, specially queen trades.
  3. Learn at least two or three openings. No need to learn every variation, but try to gest the main gist of them.
  4. The way to defend against the Wayward Queen Attack is with your Knight.
  5. If you pin the enemy Knight with your Bishop and your opponent tries to kick him out with a pawn, just capture the Knight, it will be an equal trade that also damages your opponent's pawn structure. What people on 400 elo tend to do is push the Bishop back, which is kicked again from another pawn move. There are some situations where you might want to do that, but in general stick to the first plan.

You'll jump to 1000 if you practice not leaving your pieces hanging. Before each move, just check to see if your opponent can take any of your pieces for free. Build the muscle memory of checking your pieces. Do this for a 1000 games and i promise you'll see improvement. Good luck!


If you are below 1000, I can almost guarantee you have at least 2 of 3 common problems:

1) You do not know/follow opening principles.

2) You do not know basic tactical patterns 

3) You do not play time controls conducive to learning.

To address these problems, you need to learn and practice the general opening principles, learn and master the basic tactical patterns, and play longer time controls so you have more time to think about #1 and #2.


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Triple check to make sure you are not hanging a piece. Ask yourself ,why did he just make that move?  Try to read his mind bullet


The most important thing you can do to raise your rating several hundred points is simply to take the time to look at the board! Particularly, you need to pay attention to your opponent’s moves! Like most inexperienced players, you concentrate almost entirely on your own moves and plans. Your opponent’s moves and threats barely register. You can’t play chess that way.


I used to be 200 rated now I am 800 I got better by find one opening that I liked and sticking to it 


What helped me was analyzing all the games I played, learning openings, and doing the puzzles.


Always check your intended move is no blunder before you play it.
That little mental discipline alone is enough to get to 1500.
As long as you hang pieces and pawns all the rest is in vain.


Thank you everyone happy.png 

This is a good start happy.png