Help beating Isabel-bot


Bot-matches are great ! ...sometimes. Although, I usually play against Li-Bot (2000) now, now that I can finally beat Wally-Bot with at least some level of consistency. Here is my most-recent match and second win against Li-Bot (2000)...

Although, this thread/topic being about Isabel-Bot, I decided to do a match-up against her, and, here is the result (yeah, I actually lost, some-how, apparently, but, then again I am also really sleepy right now and also was during that game)...

...then I tried it again and, although I managed to win this one, I am obviously far too sleepy to put up a good match right now. Perhaps tomorrow or some other time after I am properly rested I can show-case a more-decent bot-match...


After 2 months of trying I finally beat her. It felt like she had no weaknesses and would always capatalize on my every mistake. What a relief. She is definetly not the best endgame player.


Isabel-Bot was seriously making me want to scream out all manners of obscenities with her dozen-in-a-row cheet-play, considering, that, I shouldn't have been having that much damn difficulty with her, especially if I was finding it easier to be higher-rated bots... anyway, finally got one on her, for what it's worth... damn bot put up way too much of a resistance...

Edit/Addendum : And one more for good measure...
I don’t know why, but she doesn’t respond well against pins with 3 attacking material vs 2 attacking material( even when she could defend it and I couldn’t add another or attack one that exists) this has happened 3/4 times


to be honest, it will eventually self destruct after playing solid for a bit




My game was not great but it got the job done: