Help me interpret time controls? please and thanks!

Been reading some about how to interpret time controls and still a little confused.
So for example, I understand that a
5|3 game
means 5 minutes with 3 added seconds?
My question here is whether that’s 5 minutes to make a move or 5 minutes to play the whole game?
Thanks to anyone who responds!!

Yeah, it's 5 minutes and then after every move you gain 3 seconds.

The time is always for the whole game. Since each player has a clock, and since a clock only counts down when it's that player's turn to move, a 5|0 game can last a maximum of 10 minutes.

Ok thanks! I think I get it now.
This makes me think of Bullet chess, which I understand is only 1-2 minutes long. I can’t even imagine a whole game going by so fast 😂
Hopefully I’ll get to that point of comfort soon...

Yeah, fast games can be fun.

Starting out with something like 30|0 is good I think. Bullet games are just silly tongue.png


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