is getting to 1200 even considered an accomplishment?




Hi! You have achieved something great and you have the potential to improve even more. However, keep in mind that the higher your rating, the harder you need to work to get better. At some point, it will be very beneficial to take personalized lessons with a coach. Check out my post on how to improve your skills

Good luck!



Kyobir wrote:

i still tryna get to 800 and yall taking about 1200

Update: 1100+ elo

It's interesting seeing your old comments with your old ELO...

Daddy_Chillimao wrote:


I must admit I appreciate your reply and I understand, in some senses, so thank you 🙏

To be rather precise, an Elo rating of 1200 basically means that someone is in the upper 1/3rd of people who have decided to compete and acquire an Elo rating.

So, 1) The person actually decided to play Chess in a competitive sense

and, 2) The competition and plays placed that person as better than about 2/3rds of the other players.

If the only goal is to beat Magnus, then sure, noone, in years has accomplished anything, but to me, the word "accomplished" does not mean to be so perfect and is more of like having completed a step along ones path in life.

Best wishes, Sir or Ma'am 🙏

... but I do understand, and yes, what is an 'accomplishment' to someone might NOT be to another ... for example, if Magnus got an Elo rating above 1200, I wouldn't assume he would consider that to be a great accomplishment, so congratualations, Sir, on being an excellent Chess player and best wishes 🙏


To be honest, I've got to say that I've always sort of considered Elo ratings of 1500-1600 to be where the real 'hardcore' tournament play begins and those are the types of people that probably have their own unique Chess boards and might even regularly attend local competitions, but that doesn't mean that a rating of 1200 is not an 'accomplishment'.

I could probably have hung on to my Elo rating of almost 1200, but it's ok ... life is larger than just Chess, but still, personally I think making it to 1200 is a pretty good player at Chess and if you can get to 1500-1600, well then, I must *salute* you for having stuck it out and reached something I would consider to be a serious and potentially quite intimidating Chess player (not that Chess needs to be intimidating, but you probably already know wink.png )

Mostly, just have fun, and in my opinion, yes, making it to 1200 IS an accomplishment 👍

Best wishes and good luck whichever way you choose to go and peace out ✌️ hasta

consistentlyfalconer wrote:
I can’t imagine ever getting to 1200, so I’d say it’s an accomplishment!

Well, no need to imagine it anymore, right?

Kyobir wrote:

i still tryna get to 800 and yall taking about 1200

look at this noob cry


I would think it isn't an accomplishment in any real sense. It's about the level here where people start to play real chess instead of moving their pieces aimlessly.


It is in some way


1200 rapid probably puts you in the top 10% which I would say makes you a good player, but it all depends what you're comparing it to

Better to just play, enjoy, not compare.


1200 rapid is my goal for this year. For me, it would be an accomplishment.