Is it dangerous to play online chess? For your health?

Diwaditya wrote:

Its not at all dangerous to play chess online, But it's really dangerous to see Forums.

Are you for real.


Chess is a difficult game, and their are many factors involved, psychology, calculating, creativity and many more,

Health is amongst those factors, and losing a game online, can spark a number of negative thoughts such as: where did I go wrong etc...

I have developed inner hatred for online chess, because of all the time I wasted watching tutorial videos, countless hours of trying to beat Stockfish level 7 on another chess site, and all the books i read.

The best games of chess are played in a live club, but the pandemic has stopped real club meetups, which is annoying, so theres no other alternative than Online Chess.



I have been playing online for a few years now, and if I compare the sites to club matches, i have found Club Matches to be better.

The atmosphere is better , but sometimes Club matches make me sweat a lot, on the other hand online chess makes me stare at my screen, which is not the best for the eyes.

So there is a big difference.



To some extent your fear is normal. I am usually more stressed when playing a tournament game than when having some important exam (which is not very rational). According to Jonathan Rowson it is the "mattering that matters", chess is important because we pretend it is important. And that feels very real. 

This might be not helpful, but you could try:

- Playing bots

- Playing unrated games

- Using an official account, and an unofficial "drunk" account where the result doesn't matter (not on though).  

At any rate you should talk to your doctor and find out whether chess could harm your health.