New player and many questions.


😁 yeah, sabotaged by predictive text. Not sure how to edit posts using the android app.

MarkGrubb wrote:

Because a clairvoyant speaks with dead soles which doesn't have much to do with chess (unless I'm missing something).

What if they channel Fischer?


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MarkGrubb wrote:

😁 yeah, sabotaged by predictive text. Not sure how to edit posts using the android app.

Don't do that, because then my comment will look wierd and out of context grin.png

Yurinclez wrote:

is there any chess player who has an ability to literally picture live chess plus the possibilities in the future inside his or her head like watching videos? i wonder why doesn't any clairvoyant become a chess player...

     Yes, most GMs, especially the best, have an ability somewhat like that. Being able to clearly "see" a future position enables superior judgement of which moves are best. The other most important chess talent is visual memory, the capacity to recall positions from past games and study and remember what to do when similar positions arise. 


Blind people have no issues with visualizations.


picturing object in motion inside your head is different than remembering and calculating something. if you have an ability to do that, you basically don't need to be good at chess. its like running a chess ap while playing otb chess, its just the a chess app is run inside your imagination instead. and really runs like a real chess app. even when arbiters strip all your clothes and make you bare naked, they don't find you are using any assistance. because its all in your imagination

likewise, you can read a novel simply by imagining yourself taking the novel you haven't read before and opening and reading it. but the novel's content in your imagination resembles the novel in reality. its like watching a video when you are closing your eyes.

to make it short, imagine yourself in a lucid dream of playing chess. but in this case, you can evoke the dream when you are awake.

now if many people claim to have that kind of ability, they can make "excellent" chess players. or do they prefer to make money on cassinos?


I am telling you start taking the lessons and daily puzzles it will help you improve very much