How do I get my rating higher in about 3 months. I am less then 200 now. Goal is 1500-1800

If 200 is your objective rating right now, it is unlikely that you will raise your game enough to get to 1 500 in 3 months. Chess improvement takes some time in most cases.

My advice is not to be bothered too much about speed of improvement, instead try to be improvement oriented, no matter how long it takes, in order to not be disappointed. 

How to improve? I've written an article with some ideas. Here you go:

I hope you will find it useful.

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Watch videos on fundamentals (i.e. chess principles to follow in various stages of the game; e.g. king safety in the opening)

After that, you should focus on basic mid-game tactics and end-game principles (you can ignore complex end-game theory, but basic king-pawn endgames should be learnt).

Play a longer time control (e.g. 15 | 10), and analyze each game you play thoroughly. If you do not learn from your mistakes, you are going to be stuck, but if you do fix them, your rating increases exponentially. 

Following this can easily get you within the 1300-1600 range.


Just keep practicing by playing, and be patient.  Improvement does not happen overnight.

I recommend studying the lessons on the site here, as well as tactics.  But if you have not started with lessons yet, I would start there.

1500 is about 97 percentile on Getting there in 2 months from beginner is nearly impossible. Set a more realistic goal, otherwise you will lose interest in chess fast.

Advice to gain elo though is to get comfortable with an opening with white (for me was the Vienna, still running it strong at 1550) and the common defenses for black (Italian, Spanish, Scandinavian, queens gambit, etc). At this level, as long as you know the first 10 moves of a line and don’t fall for traps you’ll be okay in the opening. As for the middle game, do your puzzles. Aim for 10-20 a day, but actually take the time to sit down and try to get all 20 right, no mistakes. Also, Analyze the games you play, both win and lose, and try to actually understand why stockfish is yelling at you for seemingly innocent moves. And my biggest engame advice would be to learn your endgames. I lost so many games at 800-1200 elo because I drew or lost winning king and pawn endgames. Watch a YouTube video and practice them so you win the games your supposed to win.

Other than that, have fun, and don’t be hard on yourself. Chess is a game, and we are not GMs. We play to have fun, so if you lose or are not seeing progress, don’t get upset, go mess around with some variant chess, relax, and watch guess the elo and watch people play horrible chess and feel better. Hope this helps

Here for the trophy...

My advice would be to take your time on your moves and to keep your important pieces guarded. Probobly play 30 min games for beginners

It is cool to get 1500 in short period. I tell you my secret formula :brilliant You just should gain 500 every month to reach 1500 in 3 months😄

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