Stats in Analysis Review

In the analysis mode, the positions have bars with percentages in white, gray and black. What do these mean?

Read above and if you have additional questions, describe where you are looking and your ?


Analysis > How does the Game Review work? > the 4th picture which is called „key moves“ there are these Bars with the % . I don’t understand what these percentages mean



The following is what I was able to find which I believe what you may be asking about in the seventh image.

Under master games there are 3 choices for move 11, each followed by bar/bars.

First and most played choice of all games in the database.

11. ...e5 followed by a white bar with 43% on it, grey bar with 37% on it, and black bar with 21% on it.

Of all the games played 11 ...e5, white {whitebar) won 43% of those games, and black (blackbar) won 21% of those games. The gray bar 37% of those game ended in a draw.

11. ...c5 and 11. ...b4 all games playing these moves, white {white bar) was won 100% by white.


Now it make sense… grin.png thank you