Stuck at 400 ELO and I've been playing for a year.


I think there's likely two limiting factors to people's ability to improve at chess:

A) The amount of quality hours they can consistently put in

B) Their brain wiring (degree of natural aptitude)

I guess everyone hits a limit at some point.


I reach a plateau & it takes some analysis. It's frustrating bc you have to put in the work! Obviously we don't all start out at the same point but everyone needs to do some homework.

Two members told two important tips. Longer time limits, don't go for the fast games. Longer time limits like at least 30 more like 45 or 60 min games. 
Daily turn based chess is also good. The very first lesson was don't be a Queen Bully. Being a queen bully is fun but you will get caught by people who know how to play. The important thing is to appreciate the process. It's much more important than getting a quick win.


So I looked at your games on aimchess report. Apparently your endgame is the thing that is well below your peers. Everything else is above what would be expected at your current rapid rating. So how to get better at end games? I would think review games you have lost with an equal end game might be a good start to find weaknesses? Specific end game puzzles?



"Longer time limits like at least 30 more like 45 or 60 min games. " ++ 15|10 rapid is best online.

"Daily turn based chess is also good"
++ Daily is too inhomogenous. One may analyse for hours, another for seconds.

"don't be a Queen Bully"
++ The queen is too valuable for a premature sortie. You should develop pieces in reverse order of value. First 2 pawns, then 2 knights, then 2 bishops, then castle to connect the 2 rooks and put the king to safety. Last but not least find an active but safe square for the queen.

"It's much more important than getting a quick win."
++ There is nothing wrong with a quick win, except when it can backfire into a quick loss.


Grind and be lucky, or watch 100 tutorials online. Or make new account and start with 1000 elo




Submit your problem at and you will find the solution there.


The only way to improve is put more hours in until you either get better or give up.


Don't use sicillian use a easier opening



Have you tried with a help of a coach? Going solo is not always the best for chess improvement.

I'm a coach and I 'm available for lessons. Please check my profile and if interested then send me a direct message.

Good luck!


I'm a life coach. If your ELO is 400 after a year find a new hobby. Life is short.

Deranged wrote:

The Sicilian Opening theory is anything but basic... I'm struggling with it all myself.

Below 1000 rating I wouldn't touch the Sicilian at all. There's way too many advanced, high level ideas that will go over your head. Stick to just 1. e4 e5 openings, or 1. d4 d5 openings.

I haven't played many 400 rated players on this site but can't you just Scholar's mate them? Or fried liver them?

I am a 300 rated and i dont fall for traps like that... i also have 3 brilliants










To reach 1000 i had to play more than 4000 games


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ItsMaddening wrote:
Uh, maybe I don't know the Sicilian opening strategy? Maybe it's actually the Italian or something.
Basically I do the thing where you move your king pawn out two spaces, then move the knights over the pawns, toward the center. Idgaf what it's called frankly
And I feel like I shouldn't have to care in order to reach level 500 after a year of consistent play.
I'm pretty sure there are just a lot of...assisted...players on this level.

I watched one of your games. You made alot of very bad blunders that threw away pieces, threw away your queen, and lost you the game. You did not calculate the combinations of moves and countermoves correctly. That problem is far and away the number one reason you are stuck at the 600 elo you are currently at. 
I wouldn't say you let alot of pieces hang where they could be taken in 1 move, you just overlooked many 2 move combinations that lost you pieces. 
Considering you've put a year into chess at this point... I think that amount of time investment justifies caring enough to know the name of the opening you're playing.
If you DGAF then I suppose you won't improve. 
But I guess someone has to be 600 elo - not everyone can be the highest rated player on the site, that's just not how elo works.
The other thing I'd suggest is not playing blitz games. When I think of a players elo I'm generally think of their elo in rapid games... blitz games are more for entertainment (IMO) or for those who have been playing long enough they have the entire opening repertoire memorized... it also rewards openings that are much more trappy and ultimately cheesy. Also blitz elo is not really accurate... for example there are 500 rated blitz players who are double that in rapid, then at the top of the blitz ladder there are 3200 rated players which... statistically shouldn't even be possible. But usually people feel that your real elo is your rapid elo, and that's the elo that most tightly tracks with FIDE.


i am 11 and me too after playing for almost 4 months properly has got only an elo of 501 which is terrible. allthough my rating grew from 310 to 500 plus in the last few days i still consider myself as a noob and begginer. pls suggest me ways to improve at chess.


bruh i started in november and i am only 500 elo


hello guys i am 715 now after playing for 3 months and 20 days is it good i have played 640 rapid games so far . i was also stuck on the 300 level for like 2 months but now my elo is going up pretty fast . btw its my birthday today means i am twelve idk why i am telling u that .


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