Study Material

Hello all,
I am a beginner rated in the 500’s and am having issues truly getting my rating up. I do puzzles, play bots, and have read Levy Rozman’s book. My question is are there any books yall found really helped you? I would also take any advice yall have to improve that worked well for you. I just play for fun im not hiring a coach or anything but would love yalls input. Thanks!

Good Chess Books for Beginners and Beyond...


Chess Fundamentals - Capablanca
In 60 pages it contains all you need to know.


Learn and apply the most important principles of chess.
Always blunder-check your moves.
Solve tactics in the right way.
Analyze your games.
Study games of strong players.
Learn how to be more psychologically resilient.
Work on your time management skills.
Get a coach if you can.