Tips to get to 1300 elo.


I am currently at 1200, and every time I near 1280, I go on a losing spree and come all the way back down to 1230. What are some general tips that 1200 rated players might appreciate?

If you lose 2 games in a row take a break for a bit. That’s what I do

A couple of things I saw from your games to do focus on 1. is to look out for simply one and two moves tactics. I saw that in a few of your recent loses you lost the game because of that. 2. learn about the bishop vs knight imbalances. I saw in a number of games your opponent would trade a bishop for your knight giving you the bishop pair. You generally don't want to trade away the bishop pair. Especially if you have it, and your opponent doesn't.


Improving Your Chess - Resources for Beginners and Beyond.....


Focus on defense and reduce blunders. Don't let your opponent play critical moves that leads to advantage.


Blunder check before you move.
Whenever you lose a game, stop playing and analyse it thoroughly so as to learn from your mistakes.


Understanding your mistakes is essential for improvement.


I looked at several of your games.

You seem to be losing to same tactic.

You have lost to it multiple times.

- The Deadly Tactic Known as “Bishop Pin!”

It seems this devastating Tactic has claimed Victory over you several times. Countless games have been lost due to the powerful Bishop Pin! Countless Rating points lost!

- My Recommendation:

Play a different Opening or set up which lets you not get Pinned by Bishop.


Regarding your game on April 14th (46 moves); after 9.Na4 you could have followed up with 9... Bxf3 (capturing the White Knight). Reason being your light square Bishop on h5 is essentially bad as it only controls 2 squares in the 'enemy's camp' and is hemmed by its own pawn on f7. So, why not exchange it with your opponent's Knight which is controlling the center (d4 & e5)? Then you will have an outpost at d4 for your c6 Knight to get some attacks going as it threatens more squares (space) in the enemy's camp on the 4th rank (past the frontier line).

Great advice. Thanks for sharing!

Just have fun. You might be going on losing streaks as you get higher because you're too stressed about losing elo. As is sometimes the case, the more you're worried about losing something, the more likely you are to lose it. I've also found that flowstate is a good way to keep focus, If you haven't done that before I highly recommend looking it up. But the more you're worried about losing elo, the harder it is to achieve flow state.


Thanks for the advice guys! Ill see what I can do. #2 and #11 were helpful. I think #8 is a bit vague. I went through my games and I only see one blunder that involves a bishop pinning my piece. #9 was also really helpful. #3 Ill try learning some common tactics and see if that helps.


I recommend studying winning chess strategies by yasser seirawan. Its a great book which teaches you how to think about positions in chess. I was stuck on 1350-1400 for few months. Reading this book helped me get to 1500.


Great advice. Thanks for sharing


Play medium to hard CPU with takebacks. 🙂


Keep trying, dont give up.


Some good tactics not good tho we need more?



Maybe watch some YouTube videos teaches some tactics


Look for checks, captures, tactics (practise everyday) and think about what the opponent's last move threats