Typical rating progression pace?


Uncertain. It's not a pattern

AbstractApproach wrote:

I cant break 800, i'm a decent player on a good day, but i play distracted and tired alot. Idk maybe 6 mos casually.

Just like any skill, variation based on ability and effort is surely huge.

Decent play at 800? That's noobie level.

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I've been playing casually for about 2 years (1-2 games at night), I was able to get to 1000 pretty quickly from what I remember, spent about a year getting to 1200 and another year getting to 1350 which is where I am currently.

update, have made it from 1350 - 1430 since march. not playing nearly as often any more.

update, made it to the 1490s. starting to feel like this is about as far as i can get playing 1-2 games a week, and not actually learning anything.

i cracked 1500, but am quite sure this is as far as i can get without devoting more time. i think what i enjoyed most about chess was improving, so without having more time i think this is about as far as i can take the hobby, and it might be time to move on to something else. it was reasonably fun!

460 Starting rating.500-750 1 day

750-1000 17 days

1200 1 and a half months.

1300 skiped 1300 stright into 1450's

1400 4 and a half months

1500 4 and 3/4 of a month or so.

1600 I don't really know but I mad my very first account 193 days ago so about 170 days ago.

1700 yesterday.

First account is disneypl.

current main account is nathan1589 lost the first account because I graduated from that elementary school.

This might be off because I think 13 year old improve faster than most adults.