Wanna get better?

chess is hard as gothamchess says. gotham is sharing a new series named 'road to gm'. if you're intrested check it out for gm advice to become a gm. The best chess studying channel must be 'remote chess academy' running by a gm (grandmaster). Stop mate in (no.) checkmating openings. study tricky openings like vienna gambit. you can check out my blogs for knowldege. by clicking my profile and scrolling down (only works in website). do more chess puzzles especially checkmating patterns. lichess do it the best. lichess is giving unlimited puzzles

NM Rober Ramirez and Dr Can clinic are way better in terms of teaching.


Look for annotated games that explain the thought process behind each move.


Improving Your Chess - Resources for Beginners and Beyond.....


''chess is hard'' mean while ppl climb to 1000 with out effort. He can take that GM nonsense elsewhere.


Chess can be tough, as GothamChess says. Check out his "Road to GM" series for GM advice. The Remote Chess Academy, run by a GM, is also great for learning. Study tricky openings like the Vienna Gambit and practice checkmating patterns. Lichess offers unlimited puzzles to improve your skills.


Here's a resource I find useful to learn chess.

It has updates on what is happening in the chess world everyday happy.png


There are much better resources than gothamchess