why almost everyone at 350-550 ELO is cheating?


I'm stuck there, I could beat ~1400 bots very easily but playing with them is insane. I guess they're cheating by copying my moves to a maximum bot (3200 Elo). Ok maybe because I'm too noob, but I don't think so because most of them have ~80 accuracies! what I have to do. 

Welcome to the site! Cheating is actually rare in general so its unlikely that most of your opponents are using assistance. There is a known difference in playing strength between humans and bots when comparing ratings. Bots tend to be easier at the same rating level compared with a human player.

I had a look at your most recent loss and have anotated some feedback beside the moves:

In short, you missed an opportunity to capture a free piece, and then moved your queen onto a square that could be captured. There are some general questions you should ask yourself before each move that will help at the 350-550 level, such as:

1) Can I capture any of my opponents pieces?
2) Can my opponent capture any of my pieces?
3) Before I move my piece to this square, is this square attacked by any of my opponents pieces.

I'd recommend reading up on "Opening Principles" to start with, there are articles on the subject here on I'd also recommend the 'Puzzles' feature for practicing this concept of finding good moves, looking for checks, captures and threats to find the solution.

In the rare event you are playing someone you suspect of cheating, you can report them and the fairplay team will review further.

Yeah the boys are overrated for training and for Eli

Bot ELOs do not correspond to the equivalent human ELOs


Take your time. You are playing a 10 minute game, not bullet. You took 4 seconds to hang your queen on move 7 in the game above. Just calm down. If you feel too pressured, play a longer time control.


CrypticPassage wrote:

Bot ELOs do not correspond to the equivalent human ELOs

I found this out the hard way when I started playing real people. After playing just bots I estimated my Elo to be around 1200…… until an 800 something player wiped the floor with me 




They must have some way to catch cheats right, can't be everyone

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