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1000 Signs you play chess too LITTLE!

  • #301

    410: You pronounce chess as "chest"

  • #302

    411: You make an excuse about not playing chess when challenged (I thought everyone knew how to play chess!)

  • #303

    Today my (blind) friend asked me whether you can play a chess game with 3 people. 

  • #304
    aswen123 wrote:
    clms_chess wrote:

    401. You set up the board with Queens on opposite colors.

    A friend of mine who had not played serious chess in years played his first tournament in the under 1200 section and promptly set his board up that way. His opponent was a young kid who probably was playing his first tourny and didnt see the mistake. It was only when trying to go over his game afterwords, did we realize the mistake...  either someone had terrible chess notation skills or....... lol.

    thats how they are supposed to be set up

    oh oooh. Lol

  • #305

    412. You don't ask yourself if this girl is infact a blonde with dyed hair.

  • #306


    Isn't that like pointing to a clean shavn man with a full beard.


  • #307

    414  Apparently... there's a chess board in this picture.


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