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1000 Signs you play chess too LITTLE!

  • #141

    245. You always play Fischer Random due to the fact you don't know how to set up the pieces

  • #142

    246. You think rooks are immobile castles that the opponent must capture and cannot be moved

  • #143

    247. You throw your knight over the pieces
    248. You can't quite learn the pawn moves
    249. You resign after you have sacrificed every possible piece (even your king)
    250. When your opponent takes a pawn en passant, you say, "How do you do that?"

  • #144

    You say its for idiots.

  • #145

    251. When you see someone is sacrificing his pieces , u said ..that is a "mouse-slip"...

  • #146

    253. Your bishop switches colors

  • #147

    254. Your USCF rating is 0

    255. You lose to someone who can't even play chess.

    256. You can't fathom why anyone would play hour + games (I actually know someone like this).

    257. You can't fathom why anyone would take longer than 10 seconds on each move (same guy).

  • #148

    258. When you say "soulmate" more often than "checkmate" (true story).

  • #149

    260. You are worried that the pieces will commit mutiny.

  • #150

    261)you think the queen can also move like a knight

  • #151

    I've seen this one in real life

  • #152

    262)You don't know what castling is

  • #153

    263)When your opponent says check your opponent says "I didn't know I had to pay"

  • #154

    264)you get checkmated in two moves

  • #155

    265)you agree to play a game with 56 queens and still lose

  • #156

    266)you say "king me" when you promote a pawn 

  • #157

    261. As white, you always play 1.a3 to prevent losing your knight in the Ruy Lopez Exchange Variation.

  • #158

    262. While playing bullet, you lose on time when you keep trying to castle after you've already moved your king

  • #159

    269)when someone says checkmate you think an australian person is checking you

  • #160

    270. You think "blundering" is when you calculate moves outloud.


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