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2826-4000 Worst Things To Do While Playing Chess

  • #1261

    3560. Hey Guys, it's BirdPhang-Squaaach here, whistlin' you all a happy
    Vietnamese Spring Equinox. So, for the equinox, here is the thing:

    Spring Rolls.

    Am I the only one making spring rolls for the spring equinox?! This is like the totally bestest thing to do for Spring, guys. So I was like, what in the WORLD!!!! - is no other Vietnamese boy birds here making Spring Rolls, right? Uhh-huhhhh... Whatev's. Life goes on... Yesterday, you know (big sigh....) I been eatin' wayyy too much Vanilla Chex cereal. Right?! Why would you be feelin' like that, eh, BirdPhang-Squaaach? Well, you might say I like puttin' myself in Chex when I eat mah cereals. (huge guffaw emanation and regurgitation...) But that's another chess game... I have my reasons, okay? I mean they've got the Cinnamon Chex, they got the Honey-Nut Chex, they got the Frosted Chex, the Frosted-Worcestershire-Sauce Chex, the Frosted-Worcestershire-Sauce-for-T-Rexes... and so, yeah, I was like thinking, and I was like thinking, and I was like thinking, and I was like thinking, and then, well today's the Spring Equinox, time to make some spring rolls and play a lil' chess - DING! That Vanilla Chex cereal is da bomb, yo! So, you be askin', LittleBirdiePhang-Squaaach, "Lil Phang, why is it that when I spell bánh tráng déo thượng hạ Google Translate tells me that that means waistcoat, but when I spell bánh tráng déo thượng hạng, Google Translate translates this as top quality sliced rice cake? Hmm, lil birdie? Why birdie, does that "ng" at the end change so much?!"

    So I ask you, "What ng?!"

    Uh, yeah, go out and getcha some.

    HOSRSEY! (Happy Official Spring Rolls and Spring Equinox), y'all!

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    6993. Mailing yourself to your opponents most beloved birds house, and flipping it


  • #1265

    6994.........................……….………………losing 45 points in rating in one day...''''""""""""""""""""""""""""¿¿🎻🎻😫😫😳😳😩😩🙈🙈😖😖😖😖😖😬😖😖😤


    OHH NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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