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Amusing Chess Tip

  • #1

    Don't forget you have an opponent!

  • #2

    Nicely said

    Have, REPEATEDLY recently, made incredibly stupid mistakes .. so for Ish, it seems, there are at least 2 opponents .. :P

  • #3

    *pats Ish on the head*

    There there...

  • #4
    Teary_Oberon wrote:

    *pats Ish on the head*

    There there...

    lol. A valuable lesson is learned here.

  • #5


    *wonders how Teary found Ish*

  • #6
    IshVarLan wrote:


    *wonders how Teary found Ish*

    Silly Ish...you can never hide from us >:)

  • #7
    fetchingimage wrote:

    Don't forget you have an opponent!

    Don't forget to have, I mean own, the opponent! Wink

  • #8

    Just wrong N_P .. Just wrong ..

    According to one user on here, Ish might have more than one account .. Isn't that against the rules?

  • #9

    *whacks Ish for his sarcastic comment against WGM Pogonina*


  • #10

    Maybe not funny, but I still like it.

    "He who knows where he is going rides fast"--GM Henrick Danielson on opponents playing fast, i.e., if they are playing fast and accurate, you are probably in trouble xD.

  • #11

    What sarcasm??


    *rubs head*

    *is jealous of Display image*

  • #12

    "If your opponent is winning, then try winning yourself!"

  • #13

    Nice one .. another fun thing Ish does, is when an opponent sends the "Command" to resign, simply ask Why would they want to Resign .. it frustrates the Jerks *no not all players suggesting you resign are jerks* to no end

  • #14

    usually there r 2 opponents the person i am playing and of course myself.

  • #15

    OF the TWO .. one's selves are the WORST :P

  • #16

    yes most def

  • #17

    and Sadly, Ish learns more and more, we don't even know our own moves

  • #18
    Teary_Oberon wrote:
    IshVarLan wrote:


    *wonders how Teary found Ish*

    Silly Ish...you can never hide from us >:)

     You've got it wrong ..

    Firstly, just cause no one finds us, doesn't mean we're hidden :P

    Secondly, when an Ish truly disappears, no one finds it until it's too late

    *gets nervous at how quiet things have gotten*

    "Ish .. are you there"???

    *locks doors* 

  • #19

    dont play with an empty stomach otherwise you might commit blunder

  • #20

    it happens after playing24 hours of playing chess could see diagrams of positions of chess even if i close my eyes to sleep i could not sleep  my mind is not  at restit continued diagram  after diagram and present it to my tired eyes


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