Any games where player forced mated himself?

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    Has anyone played in or know of a game where a player has forced mated themself? Thought it would be funny if we could start a collection!

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    What is that? I've never heard of force mating yourself?

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    You sir have a sick mind.

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    Give me time, the way I play I'm sure it'll happen sooner or later.

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    For example you play a knight check that forces a recapture that mates your king

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    You might try searching for "selfmate"--that's what I've always heard it called anyway. I've only ever seen it in puzzles, never a real game. I'll be interested to see one if you find one.

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    Sounds like a specialized case of a selfmate problem in which your opponent's moves are forced.

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    Simple example:

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    Gotcha, I was thinking helpmate when you said selfmate.

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