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At last 2000 in Tactis Trainer

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    I finally managed to improve in chess. I have a new teacher and I have been teaching in a magnificent, achievement recognize patterns in tactics faster. This is the beginning of my FIDE title, I know that I will improve with time.Cool


    Por fin logre mejorar en el ajedrez. tengo un nuevo profesor y me ha estado enseñando de una manera magnifica, logro reconocer los patrones en las tacticas mas rapidamente. Este es el comienzo de mi titulo FIDE, sé que lograre mejorar con el tiempo. Laughing

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    ozzie_c_cobblepot wrote:


    Thank you! 

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    Great job! 

    How do you recognize the tactics faster? 

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    @DavyWilliams After you play a lot of them, you start to recognize them. Sometimes you'll even get lucky (lucky for Tactics Trainer) and be like "oh right, I think the theme of this one is the loose rook on a3".

    Then when you're unlucky you make a move, it's the wrong move, and you notice in the comments to that tactic that you already tried it, got it wrong the same way, and commented on how difficult it was for you to see the right move.

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    Thx, Ozzie,  I didn't know about the 'comments to that tactic that you already tried it' 

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    Congratulations...this is inspiring Cool


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    Felicidades y ¿Quien es tu profesor, si se puede saber?


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