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Chess is simply charming (2) aka the scarf that circled the globe

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    This is it! The original. The one. The only. The BlacB chess scarf!! Fervently crocheted in a matter of days and nights while monitoring the download of massive amounts of data that was subsequently wholesale deleted. Ah well. At least we have the scarf to show for the time spent. And little a cha-ching in my pocket. Smile

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    During these fervent days and nights of monitoring and crocheting, a rather fantastic idea was born...

    The chess scarf should travel the world!!

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    Wouldn't that be awesome! Chess.com members from around the globe would receive the chess scarf. The chess.com member would take a pic of themselves wearing the scarf. The chess.com member would then post their pic in this forum!!

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    If you are interested in participating, please send me a direct message. I will give you the details. The more the merrier!! Let's see if the scarf can circle the globe!!

    Thank you,


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    Actually... it's just this one scarf... the BlacB original. It will travel the world. I will send it to those chess.com members who would like to participate. The chess.com member will take their pic wearing the scarf and post it here. Smile

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    and...  that chess.com member will send the scarf back to me. I will send it to the next person... and so on and so forth... until the scarf has circled the globe!!

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    Cool scarf, and idea!

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    I'm ready for my closeup.
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    You know I'm in Becky. ;)

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    Yey, Rael's back! Smile

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    Thanks, Janie. I was hoping you would be participating. Smile

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    Of course, David! We have to decide where... as hallowed as these hallways are... I prefer your idea of taking the pic in the shadow of a landmark! Perhaps we need a field trip to Centennial Olympic park... or I really like the statue of the man made of little men near the Woodruff Arts Center.

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    Yay Rael!! Where will you take your pic? hmmm... can't wait to see. ;)

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    we only wear the scarf?  very interesting...

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    Wow, and victhestick is here too!  It's like reunion time or something... Laughing

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    well, Vic, now... that is certainly an option. If you would like to post your pic wearing only the scarf... by all means... feel free.

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    note to self: the chess scarf may require laundering when returned by victhestick.

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    Yes. I have thought about that. However I have a connection of sorts that allows me to cost effectively handle the shipping. It's all good. Smile

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