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    There is a lot good chess videos  on the web and will be nice to post same of then over here. Find the video you like the most and post it ,can be many as You want.

    No chess lesson videos o instructional,only movies and animations. Have fun

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    This is a really good animation I found ,I like it. Is called "chess love story"

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    The last message is in Spanish and said : to play chess You need concentration and respect your opponent. Bernie the bear is funny and remember me same old players at my chess club.

  • #4

    a Betty Boop classic :Chess Nuts (1932)

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    Machines are Stupid! are they?

  • #7

    explaining the chess rules

  • #8

    Hidden Camera on chess prank I like the people faces.

  • #9

    I don't drink milk but is funny anyways

  • #10

    Do You try to do this before?


  • #11

    checkmate,  a  nice animation

  • #12

    I like this one i don't Know if I feel like a kid o like a pawn. I like kids movies

  • #13

    Don't worry dear Chess-players, everybody makes mistakes


  • #14

    same people become to crazy about chess? I dont think so

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    Mr spock



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    Russian clay animation. A little of chess violence


  • #19

    Nice animation!


  • #20

    Ingmar Bergman - The Seventh Seal

    A classic scene playing chess with the death,if You win You live.

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