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Crazy setups for Houdini 1.5

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    Been fooling around a bit with Houdini 1.5 and one thing I like is to create crazy setups and to see how the grand GrandMaster Houdini 1.5 handles it.

    Ill be posting the results here. If you got a request or a fun one youself post them too!

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    Board without pawns.

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    chessblood wrote:

    Board without pawns.

    * edit: did another one with black and white different setups and again a draw. (and a mate in 4. missed itSmile)

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    joeydvivre wrote:

    You are a sick man to defile chess that way.  It's pretty amazing though that those positions are playable.  


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    *edit* failed to past the game correct..

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    The Pivot King :D

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