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Favourite chess!

  • #1

    What is you favourite chess piece and favouite colour in chess?

    My favourite piece is the Rook and my favourite piece colour is white.

  • #2

    Queen, White!!!

  • #3

    rook , black

  • #4

    I like - King, Queen, Bishops, Knights, Rooks & Pawns.

    My favourite color - White, Black.

  • #5

    I think we should not actually compare chess pieces. ( I know even I did, But now I think I was wrong. )

    All the pieces are extremely GREAT in their respected places. By comparing them we actually insult the game of Chess.

  • #6

    the pawns are the best pieces look after them and theyll look after you my fave colour is red

  • #7

    Geez, not going to compare now...


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