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Fun Chess.Com Trophy Ideas

  • #1

    Lostapiece and I thought it would be fun to come up with goofy and possibly real life trophies. Here are a few of ours; lets hear yours (but please be reasonably clean):

    1. The "sneaky bastard" trophy
    2. The "where did that move come from" trophy
    3. The "oops, my mouse slipped" trophy
    4. The "OUCH, I felt that from here" trophy
    5. The "You kicked by BUTT" trophy

  • #2
    #3 would be well used by me!
  • #3
    1. Oh my, where did the time go!
    2. Caro-Kann! More like Sick-cilian.
    3. A Trophy for the Sake of Trophies.

  • #4

    how about :

    "you got me this time "

    "tsunami attack" 

  • #5
    Interesting trophy ideas everyone. Keep them coming in!  Smile
  • #6

    1) WHY ME?

    2) Damn, You could let me win one game

  • #7

    norseman wrote:1. The "sneaky bastard" trophy


    I think that one would be really popular. Smile

    How about "Nice Come-back!" or "That game was a roller-coaster"..

  • #8
    I love this rollercoaster idea, and the sneak bastard. The "knight fork, again!" trophy :)
  • #9
    The " En Passant 'Cheater' " trophy Surprised
  • #10
  • #11

    "you got lucky"

    "what were you waiting for ,re enforcements !"

    "sad,lonley king trophy"

  • #12

    - "I'm not just a pretty face, but mostly."

    - "Go play checkers."

    - "Who'd think the same 4 fingers could blunder that badly!"

    - "Good game... for you!"

  • #13

    "a pawn, a pawn...my kingdom for a pawn!"

    "did anyone see the bus that just HIT me?"


  • #14

    "You didn't win the game--I blundered it away. There's a difference!"


    "Sorry! Despite the fact that I had [x] days to make each move, I just wasn't paying attention. Next time I'll give you a game that truly reflects my skills." 


    "I had a superior position, more pieces and lovely passed pawns. All you had was that stupid checkmate."




  • #15

    Something  just malfunctioned during that match- My brain!

  • #16

    hmmmm... how about...

    "i'm sorry i beat u" lol


  • #17

    all funny!

  • #18

    "I never clicked submit. My finger did"

  • #19

    I never said submit. It just happened.

  • #20

    you pulled a Chuck Norris on me!

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