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Funniest chess joke I've ever heard

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    That's pretty naughty, RMW.Laughing 

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    I bet who wrote that is too stupid to play even tic-tac-toe.

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    I'm going to be using this joke but replace "chess" with an activity I find undesirable.  Example: I was watching baseball with my friend, and he said, "Let's make this more interesting."  So we stopped watching baseball and beat each other on the head with bricks until we slipped into deep comas.

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    That is the funniest chess joke I've ever heard!

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    I once had lunch with Garry Kasparov. He took me to a nice little Italian restaurant with black-and-white checked tablecloths on all the tables. It took him two hours to pass me the salt.

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    Laughing2 friends were playing chess,knock knock said one,whos there?Check!Check who?Check mate!

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    Did you say to Garry en passant me the salt?

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    2 grandmaster meet over lunch, says one, had an interesting opponent the othe day, he opened with Grob, I countered with Lasker, he threw the fishing rod at me the Sicilian way, so I punched him right on his Lopez.

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    Where did the chess pieces go on holiday?... The Czech(check)RepublicLaughing


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